About The Crew Business Lounge by YFSOL

About The Crew Business Lounge by YFSOL

Located in the busy yachting hub that’s Antibes, The Crew Business Lounge by Yachting Financial Solutions (Ireland) DAC (YFSOL for short) is a dedicated space for yacht crew and captains, where you can do all your business related tasks.

Whether you want to open an International (offshore) bank account, check your bank account online, run an interview or attend one of our seminars, this space is your space.

The Crew Business Lounge by YFSOL

30 rue Lacan

06600 Antibes


A space for crew

We know how hard it is to get some time for yourself when working on a boat.

The “Crew’s Mess” is always busy and it’s hard to get some privacy or even a good Internet connection… You’ve just been paid and want to check your bank account balance? You have a few weeks off and going to your home country and want to transfer money to your home account? Or just want to check your emails to see if you have any new exiting job offers?

The Crew Business Lounge by YFSOL is the ideal place to do all your business related work you never have time to do. It’s also a great space meet other crew members and do some networking.

A space to run interviews

As a captain or recruiter, how many times have you come across or even interviewed in a pub or at a café’s terrace? These public and noisy spaces don’t give the privacy and comfort necessary to run a decent and thorough interview.

The Crew Business Lounge offers a professional and quite environment for yacht captains and recruiters to run their interviews with their future crew members.